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Our payment and financing options

CareCredit If you fall under the eligibility criteria of CareCredit®, you can easily afford dental implant treatment. They will offer you the flexibility of an affordable monthly option for payments.
Cash, check, or Credit Card Our patients can pay using a check, credit card, or cash, whatever is convenient.
Proceed Finance Got a low credit score? Don't worry; Proceed Finance got you. Patients can receive very affordable loans up to almost $60,000. The best part is that they provide non-collateral loans; you do not need to provide any security or assets to get the loan. Moreover, they have fixed interest rates, and you can return the money in 96 months.
LendingClub LendingClub has more than 3 million members and has also appeared in the New York Times. You can apply within minutes using your phone. Moreover, you can choose the terms, rates, and payment options that are flexible for your budget.
Wells Fargo Wells Fargo offers a 12 to 84 months option for payment. The annual percentage rate is as low as 5.74%. Patients that meet the eligibility criteria of Wells Fargo financing can afford our dental treatments at Rockledge, Florida.
Ally Lending Ally Lending assists you in paying for all the healthcare services you need. Ally Lending ensures you do not go off-track with your long-term financial health. It offers loans in installments with a fixed annual percentage. Moreover, it provides interest promotions, no need for down payments, and you do not need to worry about paying off the loan early.
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